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Bringing home baby is an amazing time…full of ALL THE FEELS and approximately a bazillion questions.

New moms need the support of experienced, knowledgeable professionals and the reassurance from other women who are new to mothering as well.

Yet, we are sent home from the hospital alone.

Near the end of our pregnancies we are seeing our providers at least once a week for prenatal care.  After giving birth in a hospital, mothers have round the clock nursing care.  A few days later, we are sent home with our babies and a folder of information.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

In other cultures, new mothers are celebrated and surrounded by the support of other women.  Here in the US, this is not the case.  Postpartum doulas have stepped up to fill this void and offer a continuation of care by providing in-home support to new mothers.

I’m taking it a step further and offering an affordable, online option for new mothers everywhere.  Join me.

Gain confidence as a new mom with the online support of an experienced, certified postpartum doula for less than $1/day.

You will receive:

  • Confidence in your abilities as a new mom
  • Answers to your questions about newborn feeding, newborn care, postpartum recovery and more
  • Access to a closed Facebook group for moms with babies born in August/Sept/October 2017 that is moderated by Doula Darcy
  • Weekly Facebook Live group check-ins with Doula Darcy answering your questions live (these are recorded so you can always watch later)
  • Weekly emails with time sensitive tips and information about newborn care, feeding, development and more


What new moms are saying about the group:


Joining this group helped me feel supported and less alone. It gave me a “safe space” to ask questions or vent frustrations. We are essentially strangers to one another but those in this group feel more like friends, comrades and teachers than anything else.”  Nicole G.
Joining this group gave me a quick way to get help from parents who were in the trenches with me at the same time. Very helpful!”  Justine G.

What new moms are saying about Doula Darcy:

Darcy offered advice and reassurance along with encouragement and support (which I definitely needed)!” B. Gagnon

Darcy’s very knowledgeable, practical and supportive approach really helps calm your anxieties!” Marguerite J.


“She provided tons of information and also connected us to resources that we didn’t even know existed. Darcy answered all of our questions about our baby’s sleeping and eating patterns, and listened to all of our concerns and worries.”   Lisa S.


Join us!

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I’m a postpartum doula – I help new families in their homes during the first few weeks with their new baby. I’ve been right there, in their living rooms, as hundreds of new moms navigate this transition and I want to share my knowledge with you.

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Since 2010, I have helped hundreds of new moms during their first few months with their new baby.

My name is Darcy Sauers and I have had 3 babies of my own.  I’ve also spent the last 7 years working as a postpartum doula – helping hundreds of new moms in their homes during their first 12 weeks with a newborn. Now I want to bring my experience and training to you!