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and a village of support.


I know you want to be the best mom ever.

And I know it seems like there’s a million different things to learn and think about.

And everyone you meet has an opinion.  And turning to Google just leads you down a dark rabbit hole that makes you want to cry.

It’s OK.

It’s normal to feel this way.

And, I’m here to help you.

I’ve created an online space for moms to come together and ACCESS ALL MY EXPERTISE as a postpartum doula. It’s like having me in your pocket!

Moms will receive:

  • access to short videos from me on all aspects of the postpartum period
  • live Q&A sessions with me every other week
  • access to a secret Facebook group to connect with me and other new moms.

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The Doula Darcy

Bringing home baby is an amazing time…full of ALL THE FEELS and approximately a bazillion questions.

New moms need the support of experienced, knowledgeable professionals and the reassurance from other women who are new to mothering as well.

Yet, we are sent home from the hospital alone.

Near the end of our pregnancies we are seeing our providers at least once a week for prenatal care.  After giving birth in a hospital, mothers have round the clock nursing care.  A few days later, we are sent home with our babies and a folder of information.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

In other cultures, new mothers are celebrated and surrounded by the support of other women.  Here in the US, this is not the case.  Postpartum doulas have stepped up to fill this void and offer a continuation of care by providing in-home support to new mothers.

So I started a virtual community to help new moms  — sign up here!



I’m a postpartum doula who has helped hundreds of new moms over the past seven years.  And now I’ve created an online community for new moms to easily access down-to-earth, evidence based information.

I know you don’t have time to track down the best advice, so in my postpartum community you can watch short videos on a variety of important topics like:  How to swaddle, how to bathe your baby, postpartum recovery tips, how to help your baby sleep more, how to deal with gas, etc. etc. etc.

Once you join, you’ll have access to our secret Facebook group where it’s safe to ask those burning questions and you’ll get positive support from me and other new moms.  You’ll also have access weekly live Q&A sessions with me and to my monthly interviews with guest experts on topics like breastfeeding, newborn care, baby wearing, postpartum recovery and more.

As a new mom, you want to feel like you are doing things the right way and giving your baby the best possible start in life.

Join my postpartum community to do so with ease.

I’m a postpartum doula – I help new families in their homes during the first few weeks with their new baby. I’ve been right there, in their living rooms, as hundreds of new moms navigate this transition and I want to share my knowledge with you.


Since 2010, I have helped hundreds of new moms during their first few months with their new baby.

My name is Darcy Sauers and I have had 3 babies of my own.  I’ve also spent the last 7 years working as a postpartum doula – helping hundreds of new moms in their homes during their first 12 weeks with a newborn. Now I want to bring my experience and training to you!


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