The Doula Darcy


Doula Darcy“I can’t begin to explain how invaluable Doula Darcy has been.  There is nothing that can prepare you for the life change that occurs when your baby actually enters the world.  Darcy is a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of motherhood:  from breastfeeding support, to techniques for calming a fussy baby, to helping Mom get back on her feet physically and emotionally.  Darcy provides the amazing gift of supporting new moms in a gentle and unassuming way during such a fragile time for Mom and baby.  Using Doula Darcy was definitely the best postpartum investment for myself and my baby!  I highly recommend Darcy to any new mom!”  Cassie, Dover, NH


“Doula Darcy proved to be an incredible asset and an amazing help to me and my family.  She was kind, gentle, tender and very comfortable to talk to. I found her overall demeanor calming, allowing me to focus on my baby.” Rose, Eliot, ME


“Doula Darcy was an absolute GODSEND! Darcy was so knowledgeable, validating, patient, and kind when we REALLY, really needed it. She provided me with tons of information and also answered all of our questions about our baby’s sleeping and eating patterns, and listened to all of our concerns and worries. She also helped us learn to take care of ourselves, too, in the midst of a very wonderful (but tiring and stressful) time in our lives.”  Lisa,  Eliot, ME


“Darcy’s just about the nicest, least judgmental woman you’ll ever meet, so you won’t feel weird talking to her in your yoga pants and t-shirt covered in spitup.”  Nicole, South Berwick, ME